My Resource Guide is not just a collection of things, support agencies, and non-profits trying to do good in our community. We are part of a growing number of people that want to do more than something.

We want to encourage others beyond simply doing something.

It’s important to do something that is within your calling. Your calling includes your unique personality, gifts, and abilities. We can help you explore this in many ways. Our approach helps you to know more about yourself in the context of Christ’s mission. It’s not about you, and it is about you.

We think it’s best to work within your calling with a group of like-minded Christ followers. A team of people on a mission. Imagine for a moment there are six or seven people gathered around a table talking about their favorite sports team that just won a championship. Not one of these people actually play the sport, but you can’t tell that from the discussion! “We beat the other team,” is woven into the discussion. “Did you see how we did that?” The enthusiasm is electric.

The same level of energy applies to issues in our community, but with a much greater long-term impact.

Community Resource Guide Visit

When visiting service providing agencies that are part of our Community Resource Guide, we have a shortlist of positive outcomes we want to achieve:

  1. We’re looking for feedback on the resource guide, for things we missed or errors. This is just the beginning, but this is important, and your eyes are extremely valuable in this effort.
  2. We are looking for someone or some small group of people to curate each section of the guide. People that are excited about the topic. Their enthusiasm is natural and contagious.
  3. We want to learn what agencies are doing in our community and where they need help, both financially, with volunteer support, and with items needed to do a better job of all the above.

To be completely clear, we’re not selling anything, and we’re not soliciting money. is not a non-profit, and we don’t plan on creating yet another corporation to help connect people. Honestly, we simply want to facilitate the conversation, not build a career.

We hope to build a relationship between like-minded people, and we want to help you do the heavy lifting. One of our goals is to collect your stories and make them available on our website. Stories of changed lives often change people. We are excited about stories from long ago, and even more excited about events that occurred this week, in the last few months, or within the last year. Relevance matters.

Big Dream

We want to move our city from being a disparate group of people working in stovepipes of services toward a thriving community on mission. We aren’t biased toward any one particular agency because we are not part of any particular organization. We represent those who are working to help others. We want to build bridges from church pews and office cubicles to people who need help alongside organizations that are committed to providing great services.

Poverty, homelessness, and living in fear don’t have to be the norm. We can do more. We should do something, yes, and we should do something together.

There’s still room to join the team. If you’re interested in working with us as a coordinator, curator, or contributor, please contact us and let us know you want to be involved.