Version 1.95 of our Online Community Resource Guide includes a few new features as of February 2022.

The Online edition offers additional resources along with features that take advantage of using the internet. As you might expect, you can search and filter across all categories or search within a category. One of the features I like best is the ability to bookmark resources and create a printer-friendly list of just those items bookmarked.

Here’s a YouTube video that provides a walk-thru for all of the online features

Online Resource Guide “Card” — Front

  • Category Icon and Color. Each category has an icon and color.
  • Bookmark. Click (or tap) to toggle the bookmark. Use the Bookmark List (menu item) to view a printer-friendly version of all bookmarks.
  • Resource Name. The heading of each card has the name associated with this resource for this organization.
  • Summary. A simplified synopsis of the services provided by an organization.
  • Primary phone. The primary phone for the organization is “clickable” and will attempt to dial the number for you. Other numbers may be listed on the back.
  • Link to Google Maps. Based on the address on file, this link takes you to Google Maps for location and navigation.
  • Link to this resource’s website. This will open a new tab and show the service provider’s website.
  • Flip button. Click or tap this icon to show the reverse side of the card.

Online Resource Guide “Card” — Back

  • Link to website. This will either link to the generic “categories” page or the specific page if we have one for the category.
  • Link to (if available). Our goal is for every resource to be listed in SC211, but this is optional for the service provider and is based on SC211 rules.
  • Details for this resource. This example shows a service provider with all the details. Some might not have hours or detailed contact info. Hotlines probably won’t have an address.
  • Tags (keywords). Tags provide keywords for searching
  • Notes. Additional information as applicable for this resource.
  • Category name. This name matches the printed resource guide category. Note: Some are online only.
  • Flip button. Click or tap this icon to show the front side of the card.