Community Engagement Opportunities

Our workshop provides a current report on opportunities for community engagement right here and right now. We tailor presentations for your audience to ensure we are speaking on the topic and hitting the main points you want to stress.

Some of the main points include:

  • Current News: Learn about programs you might or might not know about, recent legislation, up-to-the-minute data on poverty, food deserts, low-income/low-access issues, etc. This is most definitely a moving target, one that we work hard to stay on top of and one of the reasons we are continuing to build our team of curators.
  • Barriers: hurdles to providing help, problems to solve, issues that prevent those in need from receiving support from those who want to help.
  • Build A Kit: Get your hands involved by building a kit to meet an immediate need, learn how you can get small groups of people activated for a significant impact.
  • Find Your Passions: We will help you identify your passions and introduce you to others who share comparable desires. Once you have a good idea about your top passions and connect with others that are of like mind, we think you’ll be excited to learn about opportunities to put your passion to work in the community.
  • Connections: Ultimately, our desire is to inform and connect you to those in the community who are actively engaged in serving people in ways that match your skills, abilities, passions, and gifts.

More than just learning (or confirming) what you are called to do, we want to help you find service providers that are doing the very thing that gets you excited. You don’t need to start a new program or incorporate a non-profit business. We’re pretty sure they already exist somewhere in our community and are just waiting for you to show up and get involved!

Please contact us to arrange a presentation.