A friend in Christ reached out to share her story with us recently. Allow me to share this incredible idea.

How many times have you seen people walking along the shoulder of the road, sitting on a downtown bench, or openly asking for help,  while carrying all their belongings tucked in just a couple of bags? When we humble our hearts we are quick to realize, “but for the grace of God go I.”

So many situations, many of our own making, could land any of us on the streets in need of everyday mercies. The world is a cruel judge with little patience for those who make mistakes. But this is not how our God operates. Over and over again we read stories of rescue that underscore the value of every human being.

I always pray that this simple five-gallon bag of necessities will lighten a person’s load just a little and provide hope for a better tomorrow.

We try to carry a bag with us whenever we jump in the car because you never know who you will meet along the way.

The 5-gallon bag $1.80 ea. contains:

TOTAL: ~$25.21/BAG

Here’s an example of what the bag might look like:

Sample Blessings Bag
Sample Blessings Bag

I gave an Amazon link for each item, but some of these I have substituted a brand depending on what my local grocery store had on sale. I get free shipping as an Amazon Prime member and money back on purchases, so it works out for me to order from them.

Many thanks for contributing this idea for those who are looking for ideas!