We just picked up the April 2019 edition from Attaway Inc, our amazing printers! More than half of the 2,500 copies are already allocated to support agencies in the area. Honestly, this is both exciting and humbling. We are so pleased that so many find this resource helpful. The testimonials listed on the home page all come from those who have requested copies. If you’re reading this and want copies, please fill out the simple form here.

Changes in this Edition

Thanks to all who provided feedback! We really want this to be up-to-date and accurate. Here’s a brief overview of the changes you’ll find in this edition.

  • Overall, we changed the times listed to “civilian” times. Instead of 1800, you now see 6:00p. Apparently, this caused some confusion, and we certainly don’t want that!
  • If You Need a Meal was updated with a few corrections. We hear there are more out there, so please let us know if there are others who provide meals to the general public regularly. We know the rate of poverty is high in some of our neighborhoods. Providing a meal doesn’t solve the problem, but it sure is nice to have some nutritious food when you’re trying to pay the utility bills.
  • Elder Care was changed to reflect what we know about at this time. We suspect there are more agencies out there and will continue refining this list.
  • Supportive Services had a few updates as well. We updated Upstate Fatherhood Coalition (Cortney is amazing) and added WIC (somehow we missed this last time out).
  • On the inside, you’ll find several format updates to the list of Emergency Shelters & Transitional Programs. We added a few and grouped them by reason (homeless, addiction recovery, domestic violence, and foster care). This arrangement makes sense to me–hopefully, you agree!
  • In the Housing category, we now emphasize Energy Assistance as a sub-category. AIM and SHARE both have case management programs to help those in need. And, of course, funds are limited!
  • The For Youth category was updated to remove a few and add a few support agencies. Like the other end of the age spectrum, we suspect there are more support agencies out there so let us know!
  • The Food category was re-titled Food Pantries and modified to list those we know of that provide food on a recurring basis to those in need regardless of their affiliation with the organization. We found that several churches have food pantries for their congregation but really aren’t set up to handle the general population.
  • We created an Addiction Recovery category by pulling a group out of Need Help and moving them into their own space. You’ll see several updates in this section, including RAW and NewSpring Recovery. We are elated to have these additions and hope those in need of addiction recovery find a place in one of these spots!

I probably forgot to mention a few other updates, but I’m pretty sure that covers most of the changes.

We can’t do this without your feedback! Please reach out to us and help us make this a great resource for our community.