If you’ve looked at the Community Resource Guide in detail, you know that we have a lot of service providers. A curator is someone responsible for one of the 20+ categories we’ve identified. We’re looking for a few people per category, or a small group, that will help us maintain the information on the website as well as the printed version of the resource guide for a year at a time.

Once you’ve made contact with each of the service providers in your category, maintaining the data is pretty easy. All we want you to do is to touch base with each agency and verify nothing has changed. Well, honestly, we want a bit more than just checking the days and times of service, what we really want is for you to have an active relationship with each of those involved in your chosen category.

We would like to have a video or podcast or some recent story that highlights service providers doing what they do best for our community. By having relevant information on the website, we hope that people will find their place to get service as well as serve others. Stories are powerful tools to help in this process.

We’ll help! We are equipped to create the media mentioned above. Shooting video, recording podcasts, writing copy, etc., are all things we love to do–especially when we’re highlighting a group that is helping others!

Get involved! Use the contact form to introduce yourself and let’s have coffee.