The HOPE of Recovery is spreading like FIRE in Anderson…

Just like in every state, county, town, and community, Anderson has suffered its share of issues with drug addiction. The stigma of addiction and the lack of education and understanding about the disease of addiction has gone on too long and things are changing all over the country,  but especially here in my hometown of Anderson, SC.

My name is Susan Beauford and I am a person in long term recovery. I have been in the recovery community here in Anderson for almost 9 years. I am excited about the changes that have been happening over the last year in the Anderson recovery community.

My PASSION, and what I spend my days doing is sharing encouragement, strength, and hope to others that people can and do recover. The Addiction resource section of our Community Resource Guide will be a place to find recovery resources, events, and who knows what else as we grow this area of the guide.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or would like to see more information online or on the print form of the guide.